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About Using Insurance

Currently our clinic has direct billing agreement with the following insurance companies.

■Japanese Insurance Companies
Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co.,Ltd
AIU (AIG) Insurance Company Limited (OTAI Only)
Sompo Insurance
Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance
Pricia Card/Med-i Full Card
Kyoei Fire and Marine Insurance
Nissin Fire and Marine Insurance
Chubb Travel Insurance
SECOM General Insurance Co., Ltd.
H.S Insurance Co., Ltd.

*Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Insurance Health Card is not accepted at our clinic.

■Chinese Insurance Company

■Other Insurance Companies
(Latest update: June 27, 2019)
DYM health care

When your company has agreement with Welby,

you can still enjoy the cashless service if our clinic has direct billing agreement with the insurance company you join.

Using Credit Card Travel Medical Insurance

When you want to use the credit card travel medical insurance, Please call the number listed on the back of the card and tell them that you need to see a medical doctor. They will check if you can see a doctor with or without payment.

■Important note

Be aware of the number of days that you left Japan or your country.

Credit Card travel medical insurance will cover up to 90 days from departing Japan (Japanese time and dates).

Therefore, the illness/symptoms start after 90 days will not be covered.
Other than Japanese credit card, please check your own card policy.

Processing time

Compared to General Overseas travel (accident) insurance, credit card travel medical insurance tends to take longer time to check the availbility of insurance.
Therefore, when you are in a hurry, we recommend you to pay by yourself first and claim upon returning to your country.

If you wish to use cashless service with your credit card travel medical insurance, please call the number listed on the back of the card and be confirmed the availability of the service before you visit our clinic.

Using Cashless Service

■Standard Process
1. Come to our clinic
2. Fill out the necessary documents
 -(First visit) Fill out a registration form
 -Medical questionnaire
 -Insurance claim form

3. Confirm if you can use Cashless Service
4. Consultation

■If you are in a hurry,
Please call the below phone number to explain your condition and appointment schedule before you come to our clinic. You will be able to skip No.3 of above procedure and finish the reception process faster.

The telephone number of each insurance company is below.

Insurance company Telephone Number
Tokyo Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance ①800-966-933
If there is any difficulty to connect ①, please call ②.
Sompo Japan, Nippon Koa ①800-968-845
If there is any difficulty to connect ①, please call ②.

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