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Hong Kong's staple gastronomy and their calories

Hong Kong is referred to as "the gastronomic capital of Asia." If you go to Hong Kong, don't miss the gastronomy. The gastronomy of Hong Kong ranges from stalls to Michelin, and its distinctive tea culture is well-received. From now on, I would like to introduce the best 10 of the popular gastronomic cuisine of Hong Kong people.

1.Egg tart

Egg tart is a pastry with egg paste. The outside is crispy, but the inside is a sweet yellow solid egg paste. Egg paste is made of sugar, fresh milk and eggs.
It is recommended to eat egg tarts while warm. The smell of eggs and butter is being smell before putting it in the mouth. It was first registered in Hong Kong with the intangible cultural heritage list in June 2014.
The calories are 100 g / 310 kcal.

2.Milk tea

Milk tea is a drink that Hong Kong people always order for breakfast. Every year, an event called “Kinchao” is also held, and the chef who can make the most milk tea is selected. The Hong-style milk tea is characterized by a heavy tea taste and bitterness, but when it passes through the throat, it tastes sweet and fresh, and finally it smells in the mouth.
The tea used for Hong Kong-style milk tea was imported in large quantities from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a unique environment, a tropical climate with plenty of rain. There is a feature that the smell of the black tea produced from here is rich.
The calories are 100 ml / 44 kcal.

3.Two layers pineapple bread

The method of making a two-layered pineapple bread is to cut the side of the pineapple bread and sandwich a piece of butter slice. The most delicious thing is that you put cold butter in freshly baked melon bread, the butter melts in the heat of pineapple bread, and it has a rich buttery aroma. Many tea restaurants in Hong Kong provide such food.
The calories are 100 ml / 410 kcal.

4.Egg waffle

Egg waffle is a food made from egg dough using tools like a octopus grilled plate. The fresh smell of the egg combined with the richness of the milk made the smell stronger. It looks like a baby castella, but the contents are double, the upper one is air core and the lower one is soft and sticky. The taste is original, chocolate, nori, green onion, corn, red beans, sesame etc.
The calories are 100 g / 226 kcal.

5.Shark fin soup

Shark fin soup is popular in Hong Kong. The material is mainly vermicelli, not a real shark fin. The ingredients often added to soup are meat shreds, shiitake shreds, mixed eggs, ham, pork skin, fish stomach and so on. It is rich in nutrition and has effects such as restoring strength and strengthening the body.
The calories are 100g / 75kcal.

6.Three stuffed treasures

Three stuffed treasures is a popular dish in Hong Kong. A common way to make it is to use fresh mackerel and other ingredients such as green peppers, fried greens, sausages and shiitake mushrooms. Depending on personal preference, it is recommended to eat with soy sauce, hot miso and sweet miso.
The calories are 100g / 110kcal.

7.Chinese Dim Sum Shrimp dumplings

Among the dim sum in Hong Kong, the most famous is shrimp dumplings. The ingredients for shrimp dumplings are mainly shrimp, menma and pork. The skin of the dumplings is thin, and the color is transparent and transparent. Shrimp dumplings are extremely nutritious and supplement the kidneys. It is still effective in preventing anemia that lacks iron.
The calories are 100g / 161kcal.

8.Shrimp wonton noodles

Shrimp wonton noodles are a typical gastronomy of Hong Kong. One fresh shrimp is used to make wonton, and it uses a highly elastic surface. A soup made of pork bone, dried fish and shrimp skin is added.
The calories are 100g / 71kcal.

9.Steamed rice with curry beef brisket

Steamed rice with curry beef brisket is a combination of Indian curry and Guangdong Filet. If you bite the fin of a cow, the more it bites, the more it comes out. The taste is exhausted.
The calories are 100g / 160kcal.

10.Roasted goose

Roasted goose is one of the gastronomic foods often eaten. Its features are very fine and soft meat, suitable with fats, and can taste sweet and sour when it is put in the mouth. It is an item often asked to eat with acquaintances.
The calories are 100g / 305kcal.


The gastronomy of Hong Kong is diverse and is already became a part of Hong Kong culture, attracting many tourists. The above is one of the ten major gourmets of the standard gastronomy that is favored by Hong Kong people, and the calories of each were introduced together.


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