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It is smooth if you can make an appointment by telephone, WhatsApp or LINE before visiting the clinic. TEL: +852 2617 9178
WhatsApp: +852 5721 3196
LINE ID:@819xihet

General Practice

Our clinic provides consultations for general symptoms including fever, diarrhea, cough, runny nose and others. We also provide otorhinological treatments for symptoms like external otitis and minor otitis media, as well as ophthalmologic treatments for symptoms like stye. If you are in doubt whether you should consult a GP or a specialist, please contact us or visit us for consultation.

The following tests can also be done at our clinic.
· Influenza test
· RS virus test
· Mycoplasma test
· Adenovirus test


The vaccination status is different for everyone according to individual circumstances such as different birth place (Japan, Hong Kong or other countries) and the timing of relocation. It is therefore advised to bring your Maternal and Child Health Handbook or immunization record when visiting the clinic. Recommended vaccinies may be different depending on the length of scheduled stay in Hong Kong. Please consult your doctor for the best vaccination schedule.

Since consultations for vaccination tend to take time, it is recommended to make an appoitment in advance.
Please refer to the link below for vaccines we have.

Treatment of Lifestyle Diseases

We are happy to provide treatment for lifestyle disease including high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, gout and prescribe medicine for them. Please bring your medicine prescribed in other country. We may be able to prescribe the same medicine if such medicine is approved in Hong Kong. If the same medicine is not available in Hong Kong, we will prescribe the medicine most suitable for you with the same ingredients or with similar effects.

Various Examinations

Our clinic, in cooperation with the neighboring laboratory, conducts various examinations including chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, blood tests and urines tests.

< Available examinations >
・Chest X-Ray
・Electric Cardiogram
・Hearing test
※We are not equiped with endoscope, barium meal test, mammography and ultrasound

< Available blood test / urine test >
・Complete Blood Count
・Liver Function Test
・Renal Function Test
・Lipid Test
・Glucose Metabolism Function (Gout Test)
・Tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases, (HIV, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, Gonnorhea, Chlamydia, Trichomonas,)
・Antibody Test
※For more information on antibody test, please refer to the link below.

Health Assessment

We have various Japanese style health assessment packages for expariates, their families and for local staff.

■ Features
・Medical reports prepared in both Japanese and English.
・If you are on a corporate comprehensive contract, payment on the day of examination is unnecessary.
・We will send assessment results by e-mail or post. (If you wish to make an appointment for feedback from the doctor, you will receive the report directly from the doctor.)
・Meal tickets will be provided for health assessment on corporate contract.
If you wish to enter into a corporate comprehensive agreement, please contact the Japanese corporate staff. (+ 852-5721-3196)
(See more about health assessment)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Should I make an appointment in English orJapanese?
A.Please use either Japansese, English or Chinese for making an appointment.

Q.Do I have to make an appointment?
A.You can see a doctor during clinic hours even without an appointment. However, an advance appointment is advised for less wating time.

Q.Is there any consultation outside of hours?
A.Generally speaking, we are not able to provide consultation ouside of clinic hours. For questions outside of clinic hours, please contcct us using LINE apps. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Q.Can you prescribe the same medicine that I get in other country?
A.We may be able to prescribe the same medicine as long as such medicine is approved in Hong Kong. If the same medicine is not available in Hong Kong, we will prescribe the medicine with the same ingredients or with similar effects as much as possible.

Q.Can I use creditcard for payment?
A.Yes, VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, China Union Pay are welcome.

Q.Can I use Credit Card Travel Medical Insurance ?
A.Cashless service is available for some types of Credit Card Travel Medical Insurance. Please contact your creditcard company in advacne by calling the telephone number printed at the back of your creditcard to confirm their service.


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