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About AGA (Male alopecia)

Now, AGA is one of the causes of suffering in Hong Kong men. According to statistics, one in four Hong Kong men is suffering from AGA, ranked 15th in the world and 2nd in Asia after Japan. And the age at which have trouble with AGA is getting younger and now men 20 to 35 years old are the main force.

Many people lose 50 to 100 hairs daily, but usually they can maintain a sufficient amount of hair for the new hair to grow. However, when the hair roots are destroyed and the cycle of hair growth and loss is disrupted, male alopecia or baldness occurs. If you feel your hairline moving back, it indicates that you have been hanging on the AGA for more than 5 years.

Five Causes of Male Hair Loss

・Family inheritance: male hormone excess
・Living habits: chronic sleep deprivation, smoking and alcohol abuse, uneven diet
・Unfair use of hairspray: spraying hair gel on scalp or hair root
・Cleaning problems: blocking hair follicles by secreting too much head oil or dirty substances

Common types of hair loss:

・Androgen alopecia
Androgen alopecia is the most common type of progressive hair loss. Androgen alopecia is the genetic and hormonal cause of tuberculosis. Patients' head hair follicles become more sensitive to androgen (mainly DHT), causing the follicles to contract and the hair shaft to become thinner, thinning the hair.

・Alopecia areata
Alopecia areata is a pattern of hair loss that is usually about the size of a coin, or a mass of patches connected together. Alopecia areata is caused by inflammation. The cause of the inflammation is not yet known, but it is thought to be due to the body's immune system attacking growing hair.

・Telogen effluvium
Telogen effluvium is hair density drops cause hair quantity to decrease. Hair in growing process can go through growing period, regressive period, quiescent period 3 stages. After the body or spirit suffers from serious stimulation and pressure, some hair will enter the quiescent period ahead of time.

Treatment of common hair loss types:

・Drugs for androgenetic hair loss
Two drugs can be used to treat this condition: Finasteride, taken orally, and minoxidil, taken externally.
Finasteride blocks the conversion of the hormone testosterone to DHT, which causes hair follicles to shrink. This restores the hair follicle to its normal size. Finasteride shows results after three to six months of continuous use, and can resume hair loss within six to 12 months if the medication is discontinued.
Side effects can include impotence or loss of libido, testicular pain, etc.
Minoxidil, which provides nutrients to the scalp, usually works after several months of use, and new hair can fall off within three to four months if it is discontinued.
Side effects include redness of the scalp, contact dermatitis, and local burning.

・Medication for alopecia areata
Use injectable sebum cholesterol to stimulate the area involved to regenerate hair.
Side effects are increased risk of infection, headaches, joint pain, etc.

・Telogen effluvium does not require treatment, as the normal quiescent period is around 100 days, after which growth beg.