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Child Developmental Health Assessment

About Child developmental health assessment at our clinic and difference in child developmental health assessment between Japan and Hong Kong.

Difference in Child Developmental Health Assessment Between Japan and Hong Kong

According to Maternal and Child Health Law in Japan, local govenments are required to conduct child developmental health assessment for all children aged 1.5 years old and 3 years old. In fact, more developmental health assessments are conducted either individually or in groups at other ages. Commonly, local governments conduct child developmental health assessments at one month old, three to four months old, six to seven months old, nine to ten months old, 1 year old and 2 years old. The exact age for assessment is determined by local governments.

In Hong Kong there is no set rule for child developmental health assessment. When receiving vaccinations at public Maternal and Child Health Center (MCHC), nurses will breidfly check the conditions of children. Mothers can consult any problem or concern with the nurse. If necessary, you can get referrals to doctors.

Notes to Child Developmental Health Assessment in Hong Kong

When your child has vaccinations at a private hospital or clinic like us, it is common that a pediatrician conducts health assesssment together with vaccination. When making an appoitment for vaccinations, please ask for developmental health assessment if you wish your child to have one. For general practitioners, not all of them will conduct child developmental health assessment. Please ask about it when making an appointment.

In Hong Kong there is no set rule for child developmental health assessment and there is no required items for assessment. However, there is no need to worry as at our clinic we will cover all items in Maternal and Child Handbook. Please make sure to bring along Matenal and Child handbook.

No Maternal and Child Handbook due to child delivery in Hong Kong or countries outside Japan

Even in the absence of Japanese Maternal and Child Handbook, pediatricians have no problem in assessing children's health and development.

If you do not have Japanese Maternal and Child Handbook, you will most likely have a vaccination reocrd if your child was born in Hong Kong. Please bring along such vaccination record when visiting our clinic for child developmental health assessment. Even if your child was born neither in Hong Kong nor in Japan, you probaby have some form of record of baby's growth and vaccination history. Please bring along such record when visiting our clinic.