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Vaccination not only prevents infectious diseases from spreading but also ensures that vaccinated children do not get infected at all or have mild condition if infected. Vaccines received by children in Hong kong are mostly the same as those in Japan. Children with drug allergies need extra caution when recieving vaccinations. They are advised to consult a doctor on vaccination policy.

Differences in Child Immunization between Japan and Hong Kong

Vaccination is one of the problems that many families face when raising children overseas. This is more true as the vaccines regurlalry used in Japan are different from those used overseas in terms of their type and recommended schedule. There is no standard set worldwide for vaccinations. Therefore, many familes have difficulty in finding a standard to follow.

The recommended schedule of vaccination may be different amongst the children who were; 1.born in Japan but later moved to Hong Kong; 2.born in Hong Kong, and 3. born neither in Hong Kong nor Japan but later moved to Hong Kong. The chart below shows the difference in type of and schedule for vacciations between Japan and Hong Kong for your referece.

※For Immunization in Japan, the vaccines in grey color are "discretionary" and white "mandatory". Vaccination Schedule for Children (for Hong Kong Government Child Health Center, Hong Kong Private Hospital and Japan)

4 months 4 in one② 5 in one (4 in one②+Hib②) 4 in one② Pneumococcal② Pneumococcal② Hib③ Rotavirus② Pneumococcal③ (Rotavirus③) 11-12 years old · 4 in one⑥(Booster Dose) · 4 in one⑥(Booster Dose) · 2 in one (DT) booster                  · After 9 years old: HPV (option)      · HPV: girls with Primary 6 to high school 1st year   
Hong Kong (Govenment Child Health Center) Hong Kong (Private Hospital) Japan
Newborn BCG
・Hepatitis B ①
・Hepatitis B ①
1 Month ・Hepatitis B ②
2 Months ・4 in one (DTap+IPV)①
・6 in one (DTap①+IPV①+Hib①+Hepatitis B②)
・Hib ①
・Hepatitis B①
3 months ・4 in one①
・Hepatitis B②
・Pneumococcal ②
4 months ・4 in one②
・5 in one (4 in one②+Hib②)
・4 in one②
5 months ・4 in one③
6 months ・4 in one(DTap+IPV)③
・Hepatitis B③
・6 in one(4 in one③+Hib ③+Hepatitis B③)
7 months ・epatitus B③
1歳 ・MMR①
Chicken pox
・4 in one④
1year 3 months Varicella②(After 3 or more months from the first dose
1 year 6 months ・4 in one④(Booster Dose) ・5 in one (4 in one④+Hib④) (Booster Dose)
・Hepatitis A①(Optiona;)
2 years ・Meningococcus (optional) ・Menangococcus(available from 2 years old)
3 years 0 month ・Japanese encephalitis ①
3-7 years old ・Mumps ②
3 years 1 month ・Japanese encephalitis ②
4 years 1 month ・Japanese encephalitis ③
4-7 years old ・4 in one ⑤
5-6 years old ・6 years old · MMR② + Varicella ・6 years old MMR②+ Varicella ・MR②(MeaslesRubella)
・4 in one ⑤ (Booster) ・4 in one ⑤ (Booster)
9-11 years old ・Japanese encephalitis④(Booster)
11-12 years old ・4 in one⑥(Booster Dose) ・4 in one⑥(Booster Dose) ・2 in one (DT) booster
・Hepatitis A: Available from 1 year okd 3 doses
・After 9 years old: HPV (option) ・HPV: girls with Primary 6 to high school 1st year

Vaccines in our clinic

Vaccines First 2nd 3rd 4th Remark
BCG 0month 3month or later in Japan
DTaP-IPV (4 in one) 2month 4month 6month 18month
DTaP-IPV-Hib (5 in one) 2month 4month 6month 18month
DTaP-IPV-Hib -HepB (6 in one) 1month 6month
Varicella 12month *5-7years old
*MMR 12month *5-7years old *MMR in HK, MR in Japan
Pneumococcal 2month 4month 6month 12month
*Rotavirus 2month 4month (*6month) *Optional in HK
*Different by medicine
*Hib 2month 4month 6month 18month *Optional in HK
Hepatitis-A Today 6month later
Hepatitis-B Today 1month later 6month later
Twinrix Today 1month later 6month later
Tetanus Today 1month later 6month later
Typhoid One shot only
Japanese Encephalitis Today 1month later
Rabbies Today 1week later 3 weeks or 4 weeks later
Influenza Once a year
HPV Vaccine Today 2month 6month 3 shots in one year

The vaccine we can't provide in our clinic